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Zend Application Development

Zend is an object oriented Open Source PHP Zend Development Framework developed for building scalable, performance, secure and qualitative web 2.0 application development.  Zend is developed on the basis of great concepts like UI design patterns, unit testing, loose coupling as well as OOP concepts. Zend framework uses MVC implementation supports PHP templates and layouts. The Zend platform is one of the most preferred development frameworks in use today.Zend  Application Development

At Swap IT Solutions, we use the Zend Framework for

  • Customized web application development
  • Customization of Zend based web applications and websites
  • Development on the Zend Framework and
  • Implementation of Zend Framework based services.

Zend Framework comes with all the ingredients and spice required for Web 2.0 based web application development and deployment and we at Swap IT Solutions, with a dedicated team of Zend professionals provide the right base and flavor. Do get in touch with us today to know more.